Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I met marcella.....

Soooo today i went to my first doctors appointment!! Before i even got out of bed i kept repeating good thoughts..." you feel feel don't feel sick...walking to the shower will not make you throw up..."....! And i will say...positive thinking really helps! It didn't help as much as i would have liked...but it did help!! 
Im having major issues eating in the morning. Everything sounds gross. So today my breakfast of choice was cold raw carrots. and ice water. Now that might be a normal breakfast for lets say...MY MOM...who people have respectfully named  "cabbage patch" because she eats so healthy ALL the time.  But for this little prego girl....carrots for breakfast are out of the ordinary.
Anyway...i found myself at Dr. Leslie's office at 8:45 sharp, ready to be a sponge for information! I filled out my paper work and sat as quietly as possible. My crunching of the carrots could be heard 2 states away. But least i was eating!
The doctors door swings open and a cute little MARCELLA says.. "BRIANNE!!!!!!" And i will tell you...hearing my full name being called takes me right back to the pediatrician days. Everyone calls me hearing the full name sends chills down my spine. She walked me right to the scale....( i weigh 4 pounds more than i did 2 months ago)...i think?? Im not really sure how much i weighed. But im guesstimating 4 lbs. Then she asked me to pee in a cup...AGAIN...but this time write my name on it with a sharpie! I have peed like 45 times so far at the doctors office....(that might be an exaggeration)!
She took me in the office...gave me a whole bunch of information...and sent me on my way! she was really informative...really nice...really relatable and i enjoyed her a lot! It was a great doctors visit! Marcella and i are going to be friends i've decided! i left there happy and HUNGRY! Carrots weren't doin the trick.....! 
I decided a poppy seed muffin was todays craving. And after i indulged in an extra large muffin...i realized that poppy seed muffins show up as a drug when you get your blood drawn!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...oh will be on the front page of our local paper...prego mom is doin opiates! I have to go get a blood test this week...i might wait until friday :) 

All and all today has been a great day!! My hubby is being a top notch guy...and treating me like prego royalty...and at this moment i feel GREAT!! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Goodbye sleep...hello nausea....

Im not sure if ANY of you of heard of pregnant girls feeling sick....?? "feeling sick" is an understatement by a loooong shot. And whoever created the term "morning sickness" is a lucky woman...(or stupid man) in my mind. I have yet to experience morning sickness. I have something called ALL DAY SICKNESS. And it means just what it says. Feeling like you're going to die all day long. God bless the woman who only feels sick in the morning. Truly you are lucky! 
I have yet to actually throw up. Its just constant nausea ALL DAY LONG. But its the kind that food doesn't help. My stomach isn't empty. And i dont have anything toxic to throw up. Its just my hormone's raging out of control! 
Now i will say, i feel so fortunate to be sick. Supposedly feeling sick means your baby is growing. And I feel so blessed that things are progressing how they should. If it means being sick for a few short months in exchange for a healthy baby..ILL TAKE IT!! But it the mean time...let me makes me feel better....

I have major issues with feeling like crud. Im sure everybody does. But im the ultimate baby. I HATE feeling nauseas. HATE IT. I was car sick as a little kid and thats where the nausea started. food helps this. Im a super healthy eater. I LOVE veggies and fruits and good pastas and salads! But baby mcclerkin does not like these yummy foods. Baby Clerk likes mcdonalds happy meals....and donuts...and taco bell. Let me tell you...NONE of those foods were on the "congrats that your's what you should eat" form....! In fact...all of those foods are BIG no no's! But i will say....for those who are pregnant or will become what sounds good! Because if it doesnt sound're in for a world of hurt sister!
Sooo the one thing that helps being sick all day, is SLEEP. Good ol sleep. But no....not in this lifetime. Im normally a solid 12 hour sleeper. I could probably go longer if my husband didnt jump on the bed trying to wake me up. But not anymore. After about 6 hours im wide awake. And its usually at 4 in the morning. Have you ever been up at 4 am?? Its a horrible time of the day. No one should be up then. Im just getting my good sleep at 4. But not anymore my biological clock is preparing me for no sleep. Because in 7 short months...i wont be sleeping. Ill have baby waking me up to eat or be changed or wake up for the day...who knows! So sleeping doesnt work with my nausea! Because i cant sleep!! And i cant take tylenol pm because im prego..but let me tell you...if i could take tylenol pm...this would be a completely different blog! 
I think i have had enough complaining for a night. Thank you for listening..or i guess reading!! More positive posts tomorrow!! I have my first doctors appointment tomorrow and they are letting me know whats in store the next 7 months.....i truly am so excited!


SOOOOO after all my excitement of my at home prego test...i went to the doctor the next day!!! I have to say that i have the BEST doctor. Actually the BEST nurse practitioner EVER. I was scared to death of the doctor until i was 19. And after 19 years of trying to get use to my pediatrician...he kicked me out when i turned 19. He told me it was time to go to a "big girl" doctor. This was a devastating day for me. I didnt even like my pediatrician. But now that he kicked me out...i questioned my hate for him. Maybe i didnt hate him.  Maybe if he gave me one more chance in his office he would let me stay FOREVER! And then me AND my future kids could just go to the doctor together! You stop shop kinda thing! But no. i was kicked out for good. Had i known that i was about to meet the worlds greatest nurse practitioner i wouldnt have freaked out so bad!!!
Ok...sooo i entered my favorite doctors office....and told the receptionist i thought i was pregnant and i needed to take a test! She had me fill out my current insurance, blah blah thing i know my FAVORITE N.P.(nurse practitioner) and all the girls in the office are jumping up and down at the thought of me being pregnant! Ok..who wouldnt LOVE going there?! They treat you like you are the first girl to ever get pregnant. Anyway....i tinkled on the stick again...and was placed in a room to wait for the results. 
My favorite N.P. came in and let me know the test was negative. But that they would leave the stick in for a few more minutes! All i kept thinking to myself was....." i really think im pregnant...i dont know how this could be." Then here came another nurse with a POSITIVE pee test and they let me know i was going to be a mom! Of course i said 15 times...Are you sure? NO really though are you sure? Are you sure thats what the test means....! The poor nurses kept reassuring me that they do this for a living...they know what they're talking about! 
Aaaaaand the rest is history!! I scheduled my upcoming appointments and i left. And i left that doctors office as a mom. It was beautiful.  

Friday, October 31, 2008

Its pregnant...

" just not feeling good.." 
I repeated that phrase over and over to my brother about 10 times on October 15th! His response to my final complaint was...MAYBE YOUR PREGNANT. And i thought, you might just be right. Im going to take a test right now! He instantly said, NO not while im here!! Too late..i was already peeing on that intimidating white stick! I walked out of my bathroom and my brother was sitting on my bed looking as white as a ghost! I hadn't seen him look like that since my wedding day. He must just get nervous about big life changing things such as marriage and a child! 
Anyway, he decided to bravely walk in the bathroom and take a look at this prego test. His first question was, what do lines mean? 
I felt like it took me an eternity to answer. I was thinking to myself...What do lines mean?? I mean i know that lines mean you are pregnant or not pregnant. But its so much more than that. What if those lines are positive lines? They aren't just lines anymore, but they are my future. My whole life is about to change if those lines are placed in a plus formation! 
I dont even know how i answered my brother. I think i just walked in the bathroom to see two faint lines in the shape of a plus sign. 
My brother and i both had huge grins across our faces. But i was in shock. Was it really a plus sign? I mean, im really familiar with a plus sign. It is the only sign in mathematics that meant i didnt have to use my fingers! All that other percentage...algebra and division stuff isnt my thing. Put a plus sign...thats my thing. And this was lookin  like a plus sign! 
OH- how could i forget to tell you- my husband sean was gone on a two week hunting trip in idaho! He had no service on his phone, so i had to wait for him to call me at some point during the night when it was his turn to use the lodge phone! 
When i finally talked to him he instantly started laughing. I was a bit confused. Are you laughing because you are happy? Or are you laughing because you are trying not to cry in front of the 15 men your with? But luckily, it was a happy/nervous laugh. He just wanted me to go to the doctor the next day and make sure the test was accurate!! 
And for all those romantic mushy people... i truly wanted to be one of you when i told my husband he was going to be a dad. BUT...he wasnt going to be home for two weeks...and i could NOT hold it in for the life of me. His birthday is november 26th...and usually by this time ive already given him his birthday gift :) needless to not good at surprises of any sort! Anyway friends...this was the day i found out i might be a mom :)