Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I met marcella.....

Soooo today i went to my first doctors appointment!! Before i even got out of bed i kept repeating good thoughts..." you feel feel don't feel sick...walking to the shower will not make you throw up..."....! And i will say...positive thinking really helps! It didn't help as much as i would have liked...but it did help!! 
Im having major issues eating in the morning. Everything sounds gross. So today my breakfast of choice was cold raw carrots. and ice water. Now that might be a normal breakfast for lets say...MY MOM...who people have respectfully named  "cabbage patch" because she eats so healthy ALL the time.  But for this little prego girl....carrots for breakfast are out of the ordinary.
Anyway...i found myself at Dr. Leslie's office at 8:45 sharp, ready to be a sponge for information! I filled out my paper work and sat as quietly as possible. My crunching of the carrots could be heard 2 states away. But least i was eating!
The doctors door swings open and a cute little MARCELLA says.. "BRIANNE!!!!!!" And i will tell you...hearing my full name being called takes me right back to the pediatrician days. Everyone calls me hearing the full name sends chills down my spine. She walked me right to the scale....( i weigh 4 pounds more than i did 2 months ago)...i think?? Im not really sure how much i weighed. But im guesstimating 4 lbs. Then she asked me to pee in a cup...AGAIN...but this time write my name on it with a sharpie! I have peed like 45 times so far at the doctors office....(that might be an exaggeration)!
She took me in the office...gave me a whole bunch of information...and sent me on my way! she was really informative...really nice...really relatable and i enjoyed her a lot! It was a great doctors visit! Marcella and i are going to be friends i've decided! i left there happy and HUNGRY! Carrots weren't doin the trick.....! 
I decided a poppy seed muffin was todays craving. And after i indulged in an extra large muffin...i realized that poppy seed muffins show up as a drug when you get your blood drawn!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...oh will be on the front page of our local paper...prego mom is doin opiates! I have to go get a blood test this week...i might wait until friday :) 

All and all today has been a great day!! My hubby is being a top notch guy...and treating me like prego royalty...and at this moment i feel GREAT!! 

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