Tuesday, November 11, 2008


SOOOOO after all my excitement of my at home prego test...i went to the doctor the next day!!! I have to say that i have the BEST doctor. Actually the BEST nurse practitioner EVER. I was scared to death of the doctor until i was 19. And after 19 years of trying to get use to my pediatrician...he kicked me out when i turned 19. He told me it was time to go to a "big girl" doctor. This was a devastating day for me. I didnt even like my pediatrician. But now that he kicked me out...i questioned my hate for him. Maybe i didnt hate him.  Maybe if he gave me one more chance in his office he would let me stay FOREVER! And then me AND my future kids could just go to the doctor together! You know...one stop shop kinda thing! But no. i was kicked out for good. Had i known that i was about to meet the worlds greatest nurse practitioner i wouldnt have freaked out so bad!!!
Ok...sooo i entered my favorite doctors office....and told the receptionist i thought i was pregnant and i needed to take a test! She had me fill out my current insurance, blah blah blah...next thing i know my FAVORITE N.P.(nurse practitioner) and all the girls in the office are jumping up and down at the thought of me being pregnant! Ok..who wouldnt LOVE going there?! They treat you like you are the first girl to ever get pregnant. Anyway....i tinkled on the stick again...and was placed in a room to wait for the results. 
My favorite N.P. came in and let me know the test was negative. But that they would leave the stick in for a few more minutes! All i kept thinking to myself was....." i really think im pregnant...i dont know how this could be." Then here came another nurse with a POSITIVE pee test and they let me know i was going to be a mom! Of course i said 15 times...Are you sure? NO really though are you sure? Are you sure thats what the test means....! The poor nurses kept reassuring me that they do this for a living...they know what they're talking about! 
Aaaaaand the rest is history!! I scheduled my upcoming appointments and i left. And i left that doctors office as a mom. It was beautiful.  

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