Friday, October 31, 2008

Its pregnant...

" just not feeling good.." 
I repeated that phrase over and over to my brother about 10 times on October 15th! His response to my final complaint was...MAYBE YOUR PREGNANT. And i thought, you might just be right. Im going to take a test right now! He instantly said, NO not while im here!! Too late..i was already peeing on that intimidating white stick! I walked out of my bathroom and my brother was sitting on my bed looking as white as a ghost! I hadn't seen him look like that since my wedding day. He must just get nervous about big life changing things such as marriage and a child! 
Anyway, he decided to bravely walk in the bathroom and take a look at this prego test. His first question was, what do lines mean? 
I felt like it took me an eternity to answer. I was thinking to myself...What do lines mean?? I mean i know that lines mean you are pregnant or not pregnant. But its so much more than that. What if those lines are positive lines? They aren't just lines anymore, but they are my future. My whole life is about to change if those lines are placed in a plus formation! 
I dont even know how i answered my brother. I think i just walked in the bathroom to see two faint lines in the shape of a plus sign. 
My brother and i both had huge grins across our faces. But i was in shock. Was it really a plus sign? I mean, im really familiar with a plus sign. It is the only sign in mathematics that meant i didnt have to use my fingers! All that other percentage...algebra and division stuff isnt my thing. Put a plus sign...thats my thing. And this was lookin  like a plus sign! 
OH- how could i forget to tell you- my husband sean was gone on a two week hunting trip in idaho! He had no service on his phone, so i had to wait for him to call me at some point during the night when it was his turn to use the lodge phone! 
When i finally talked to him he instantly started laughing. I was a bit confused. Are you laughing because you are happy? Or are you laughing because you are trying not to cry in front of the 15 men your with? But luckily, it was a happy/nervous laugh. He just wanted me to go to the doctor the next day and make sure the test was accurate!! 
And for all those romantic mushy people... i truly wanted to be one of you when i told my husband he was going to be a dad. BUT...he wasnt going to be home for two weeks...and i could NOT hold it in for the life of me. His birthday is november 26th...and usually by this time ive already given him his birthday gift :) needless to not good at surprises of any sort! Anyway friends...this was the day i found out i might be a mom :)

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Losing Waist! said...

I am so glad you did this!!! Now I can follow along and listen to your funny stories! I am so excited for you. Especially now that you are going to be PREGO MODEL OF THE YEAR! You are the best and I wish I was there with you (and I would bring Jacob along... and spot and liger and lulu and sistercat and stewie). Anyway- I can't wait to read more and see PICTURES!